Wishing for White Summer Handbags

Wishing for White Summer Handbags

The last snowstorm made me wish for white summer handbags… that wish just came true!

As I plan fun things in the months to come with Lucy, family and friends I reflect back on the many cherished moments my family had “back when.” Nothing and no one will ever take Lucy’s father from us. The love we shared was far greater than the evil that killed him. So the happy thoughts and memories I have inspire my purchases every day… Here is a fond memory that led to a major purchase!

Many years ago, my husband and I took our baby, Lucy, “down to the shore.” No matter what, a trip to the beach is always two things. Number one, it’s funny, goofy and silly! Number two, it always involved me carrying a handbag to carry all our stuff. In this case, I planned on bringing a generic, white clutch I had around forever. But in getting our things together, I started whining that I didn’t have a white dress to match…

Maurice used to say “I will buy you the moon.” He was constantly showering me, as well as all he loved, with gifts. This day at the beach he insisted on buying me a beautiful, white sundress. I relented, despite the fact I kept telling him the clutch was not the perfect bag for that beautiful dress and he should not waste his money.  Plus, a beautiful, white dress as is not best choice when you are going to the shore with a messy (but adorable) baby, right?

Sure enough, the next day on vacation I wear my bright new white sundress. The three of us sat eating ice cream and Lucy (a toddler) had way too much ice cream (as did I?), despite Maurice’s warnings to give not to give her too much…

Long story short – When we finally stood up to leave at the end of a wonderful day my white dress was smeared with baby poop (directly through her diaper and on me). I started crying that I ruined the dress but it only lasted a few seconds as my sweet husband just laughed and laughed… and I joined in. Can you believe I was upset over a silly white dress?

Today all I recall now is that brilliant day filled with happiness, ice cream, and poop!

My regrets now? Most of all, I look back now at the glorious stress-free life I had and wonder how and why I complained about anything? And second, after my beloved took the time to shop for the perfect dress, I regret not having the most amazing handbag for that special day and dress. So here it is ….I have boldly purchased many simply gorgeous, white patent totes (inspired by Jackie O’s handbags!) that we have launched online for under $300.  Treat yourself to this bright white tote and go create your own, special, lifelong memory with those you love. In buying from us you are also giving hope to another for a better life!

All my best, Marisa