Welcome to Lucy’s Gift Online!

Welcome to Lucy’s Gift Online!

I’m so proud of what we’ve all accomplished here at Lucy’s Gift in just two short years. With two fantastic boutiques in New Jersey, great community support, and the best customers ever. And now we launched online at www.lucysgift.org!

Most do not understand that, for me, it’s like my husband was killed only yesterday. I relive those horrific moments of June 15th 2011 every day. Trauma can and will destroy you IF YOU ALLOW IT. So now I choose to fight for a better life for my little girl every day. I strive to always remind her of all the good her dad was and did.

When my world collapsed in 2011 I realized there’s no time to waste when you need to do much good. Thankfully now I am always busy. Charity work is infinite, it has no ending. I assure you our charities needs only become greater daily. The people we help really need us, and that is what causes me to do what I do. I think about all these people and their problems often; many of their problems are much greater than mine! It took me years to see that. But through faith and love, and my firm conviction that the FBI is working diligently to serve justice for not only my beloved husband, but all victims of violence, I assure you that the love we shared will prove stronger than the evil that killed him.

So instead of just resting on the fact that we’ve opened two stores in a year we decided to leap higher, as my husband used to challenge everyone to always do. He lived his life as if each day was his last. For sure now I live that way. “Fearless” in my quest for justice and desire to build a better and safer world!

I really hope you love our site, because it’s my pride and joy for many reasons. We specially selected over 100 diverse product offerings to start with including handbags, accessories, jewelry and so many gift items (what our clients want the most!). Our primary goal is always to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.  But my first love is always handbags!

Still, launching online was very challenging and exciting (even scary?). In fact, while the feelings I have creating this online store cannot begin to compare to the feelings I had at the birth of my beloved daughter, Lucy, there are some commonalities. I really have great hopes for the future success of the site not for myself, but for the great good it can do for years – even generations – to come, with all net profits going to charity. Women are so smart and savvy, and I want to ensure everyone loves LG online as much as they do our boutiques, and consider our site a destination place to return to again and again. That way they can not only enjoy the great, special somethings we find for them, but also help me live my dream to honor my beloved husband and end violence.

So if you like what you see here online, please tell everyone! But if you see room for improvement, please let us know. Because we will truly listen to you, and we’ll be adding new and exciting things to the site all the time. The next one could be your idea!

All my best, Marisa