Marisa Spagnoletti - Founder and Owner

Marisa Spagnoletti’s professional career spanned 26 years in various positions of leadership, sales management and marketing in the banking industry. In 2014 she founded the non-profit Maurice J. Spagnoletti Foundation to ensure the legacy of her beloved husband, Maurice J. Spagnoletti, lives on. The foundation has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help children in need, help crime victims, strive to end violence, and honor those who protect and serve. To support these charitable efforts, Marisa opened her first Lucy-s Gift boutique in 2015, followed by a second boutique in 2016, and launched an ecommerce site in 2017, with all net profits to charity.

Marisa’s been honored as the 2014 National Professional Woman of the Year, was recipient of the 2015 Award of Hope award and a proclamation from the State of New Jersey for her humanitarian efforts, and serves as a SAFE in Hunterdon Advisory Board member.

For two long years after my husband’s tragic death, merely living through each day was a challenge for my beloved daughter, Lucy and I.  But one evening after holding a Handbag Auction for charity I was talking with my dear friends, Chonda and Yvette, and I wondered out-loud: “How could I find people to help me start a boutique to raise money for charity full time?”  Their response was immediate: “Choose us!”  We became the “three musketeers” overnight.  Our shared vision became the “trunk” of this ever-growing tree that continues to blossom as retailers, wholesalers and fashion designers embrace our mission to help so many in need.  

As we approach the 6th year anniversary of my loss I’m finally able to find peace in all my charity work to honor my beloved husband. In under two years Lucy’s Gift has opened two boutiques and launched online–I truly feel my husband is smiling down on me! To all who have and continue to support us I am grateful beyond words. Our work to help so many in need and END ALL VIOLENCE is my life mission now.

My gratitude is overwhelming for the support provided by my family, friends, and volunteers and, of course my spectacular support team!

Chonda Rosario

After graduating college together over 30 yrs. ago Chonda visited me in NJ.  She never left!  She’s always been there for me.  But what she’s done for Lucy’s Gift is truly beyond my dreams.  Chonda’s devoted her personal life and career to end violence and make the world a safer place.  She never gives up.  Never caves in.  She is – by far – the most determined, mentally tough woman I know.  I’m truly blessed to have her at my side at Lucy’s Gift, and as one of my best friends.

We all came to LG with different life stories, both sad and jubilant. What we now share is hope and purpose in fulfilling Lucy’s Gift’s mission. It’s wonderful to not just “go to work,” to be part of something worthwhile.  To really make a difference.  Our customers often return again and again, with generous spirits eager to join our mission.  I especially enjoy helping young people find gifts for their mothers or teachers.  Through their eyes I see myself as a young girl going through my mother’s jewelry box, full of wonder.  Between us, Marisa is the dreamer and I’m the realist.  Together we make a great team!

Yvette Tosado

Yvette and I dreamed for years about how to make our vision to end violence a reality.  It’s hard to believe it’s coming true!  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Working side by side.  Yvette brings vast experience as an entrepreneur, especially in human resource management.  She understands the impact of tragic loss on a personal level, with the tragic loss of her son and her experience consoling people as a life insurance agent.  Yvette is not “like” family to me, she is family – and our daughters are growing up as sisters, right in our store.

In the course of doing business as a licensed insurance agent I met Marisa after the tragic loss of her husband, Maurice.  But it soon became evident that meeting Marisa was not just “business as usual.” It was life changing!  In fact, today Lucy’s Gift is not just a “job” I go to.  It is my life. I feel when I am not there I have left my baby alone. We live this. Our vision is not only to help charities.  It’s to be an inspiration to help others build a new life from tragedy.  And it’s working!  Every day customers come back in to share important moments and events in their lives, and I feel so connected to them…

Robin Dmiczak

I’m consistently told how wonderful Robin is.  Her genuine sincerity shines through! She brought to the table not only extensive client service and project management skills, but also a great sense of compassion – forged by spending many years providing hospital care in our community. She is, by far, one of the most creative and artistic people I’ve ever worked with.  I always look forward to the new and exciting ideas and creations she comes up with.  She is such a joy, and a critical part of our journey!

Soon after my beloved husband passed away I looked for a part-time job to help keep my mind active. My neighbor, a special guardian angel, suggested LG.  Also grieving over the loss of her husband, Maurice, Marisa and I immediately shared a special bond. Today, while I consider all the staff members my extended family, this feeling also extends to customers, who open their hearts to us.  One gentleman came in for a special gift for his wife, recovering from breast cancer.  Being a two-time cancer survivor myself, as well as spending my entire career in healthcare, we spoke of hope and recovery.  He left with not just a wonderful gift, but also hope for the future, and a place to return to share feelings of compassion and love.  It makes my heart smile to know that I’m working for such an amazing company!

Alexa Sanniola

Alexa is an amazing, inspiring young woman who gives me great hope for the future.  As a recent college graduate her technology skills were exactly what we needed to help launch the website you’re on right now!  She’s always in tune with top fashion trends. Alexa’s dreams are as big as her smile… including dancing on Broadway!  While we’d hate to lose her here – our sunshine!  But you can bet her big day on the big stage is coming.  The sky’s the limit for Alexa!

Working at LG is so fun and exciting!  Everyone has a passion for fashion.  When Marisa, a friend of my family for years, asked me to join the team to launch a website with all net profits to charity, I jumped at the chance.  After all, I already shopped here, so I knew how deeply Marisa cares about helping others, and values her employees.  So now it’s very rewarding when I explain to new customers about our mission, to help others less fortunate and end violence.  And even more rewarding when I can inspire them to support our cause.  They’re eager to contribute in any way they can, and love that the money they spend is going to a good cause.