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B-JWLD Black Corded Necklace With Large Clear Faceted Crystal

B-JWLD Black Corded Necklace With Large Clear Faceted Crystal

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  •  Black wax cotton cords 
  • Large Clear Faceted Crystal
  • Designer jewelry handmade in Israel

B-JWLD was launched in 2004 by Vered Milner, who recently shared with us stories about her apprenticeship in the fashion industry as a teenager working in her uncle’s store selling jewelry and gifts.  Today, we’re proud to not only count her as a friend, but to also offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy her remarkable creations, hand crafted in Tel Aviv, Israel using the highest quality raw materials.

This black corded necklace features gray wax cotton cords and an exceptional, faceted crystal pendant.  It’s not only exceptionally easy to look at but also to wear, with its easy lobster clasp.  A unique pendant with a faceted Sikorsky Crystal accentuates its flowing design and makes a truly unique fashion statement.  You can be sure to dazzle your friends with this unique piece that is as much art as jewelry.